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Rosemary Mint Soap

Rosemary Mint

An all natural soap, and Gretel's favorite.

Sweet Earth Soap

Sweet Earth

The most popular soap. Great unisex scent.

Pure Lavender Soap

Pure Lavender

Wonderful all natural soap.

Forest Rose Soap

Forest Rose

Smells just as the name implies.

Winter Bliss Soap

Woodland Bliss

Light scents of the outdoors make this a nice bar.

Cafe Latte Soap

Cafe Latte

A goat's milk soap with coffee grounds for exfoliation.

Oats and Honey Soap

Oats and Honey

Oatmeal for scrubbing, a wonderful goat's milk soap.

Gardeners Soap

Gardener's Soap

Natural soap with poppy seeds for scrubbing.

Baby Soft Soap

Baby Soft

Made for the most sensitive skin. No scent.

Mechanics Soap

Mechanic's Soap

Pumice and kerosene clean even the worst hands.

Dirty Dog Wash Soap

Dirty Dog Wash Soap

All natural bug repellants and wheat germ for coat.

Frankincense and Myrrh Soap

Frankincense and Myrrh

A seasonal goat's milk soap. Limited time only.

Winter Nights

Winter Nights

A seasonal goat's milk soap. Limited time only.

Scrub a Dub

Scrub A Dub

Deep clean - tangerine & clove, with shea butter & pumice.

Sweet Earth Soap

Sweet Earth Soap

This soap adds fresh earthy undertones to the sweetness of lavender & vanilla. Sweet earth is a good unisex bar.

Sweet Earth is Gretel's best seller!

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*A full loaf of soap is 15 bars. If you'd like to mix-and-match the scents in your loaf, please order a loaf of one scent, and then leave us a note with your desired scents and quantities in the comments section of the PayPal order form.

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Each bar of Gretel's soap is handmade, therefore the color and appearance might vary slightly from the photo. Despite minor variances in shape, all bars weigh the same amount.

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